River of Life Church

Flowing with the Spirit

River of Life Church is more than just a place of worship. River of Life is a Sanctuary of Peace and Praise and we are here for you. We are a  growing, loving family and each member is integral in the body of Christ. Each of us have unique giftings that God has placed in us and that gift is needed here.

There are so many great opportunities here to make friends, receive ministry and affect people’s lives with God’s love. Each member makes up the one body of Christ.

Pastor Steve Anderson blesses us with the precious rhema word each service and we are excited about what God is doing at the River.  Join us each Sunday and Wednesday and be refreshed and filled with the Word of God. Have a very blessed week!


River Of Life Church

2019 Prayers and Declarations

  1. Jesus Christ Is El Shaddai – God Almighty, God All Sufficient, God All We Need.
  2. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Luke 18:27
  3. The Lord will show up in notable and remarkable ways for his people in this new year,bringing breakthrough,increase, and transformation, Messes will become messages and test will become testimonies.
  4. A new level of faith will be released to the Church. We will not be moved by what see or don’t see or what we do or don’t feel. We will stand firm on the promises of God, Knowing that He is well able to bring them about in his prefect timing.
  5. We will trust in the Lord and rest in his goodness and glory.
  6. We will not fear, but only believe. Mark 5:36.